Warehouse – Edwardsville, KS


Warehouse – Edwardsville, KS

Posted on Mar 23,2023


Order: 123101

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Multiple position openings!
About the Company: Commercial dishwasher manufacturer located in Edwardsville, KS.
Scope of Work: Fabrication: Brake press and shear operators - must be able to read tape measures. Heavy and large sheet metal will need to be handled.
Deburr Wheel - grinding wheel
Buff and Grind: buff out all welding spots and scratches (body shop)
Schedule: Monday-Friday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm 30min unpaid lunch
Compensation: Assembly $17.00/hr Fabrication $17.00/hr Buff and Grind $17.00/hr
Benefits: Full vision, dental and health benefits once hired on full-time.